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UV Invisible Nail Polish
Ultra Violet Insvisible Nail Polish

Our own famous formula of totally invisible nail varnish comes in 15ml varnish bottles so enough for plenty of applications. Use it as a topcoat over any exisiting nail decoration and watch your nails turn brilliant uv white under blacklight, thereby completely changing your nail colour. You can achieve some great 2 colour nail effects!

Sold extensively to nail designers in the fashion industry but just as great at any home UV event. Available in singles or trays of 36 pieces by request for trade customers

For coloured UV nail polish see here

SPECIAL NOTE: All orders of up to 4 bottles can be sent by post in the UK. For volumes over 4 units and international sales, we will send to send the product by carrier. International shipments are subject to safety certificates which will add to transport costs.

15ml bottle
Supplied in:
Single bottles

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