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UV Lamps & Bulbs - A range of UVA Blacklights for all applications

A wide selection of bulbs and lamps for a full range of lighting fittings. Of special note are our new GU10 bulbs with 48 Hi Brite LEDs. These are fantastic for bar lighting effects and for cabinets. The 100 watt Low Energy bulbs are unique to us here at UV Gear and give out fantastic power in a full panorama. We're working on a number of new UV LED products at this time so please check back with us on a regular basis.

Not sure what you need? Please ask - we are here to guide you and help you pick the right solution.

250 watt pole burner lamp
25 Watt UV Lamp with Screw or Bayonet Fitting
£14.95 - ES27
160 watt UV Bulb
160 Watt UV Bulb - ES27 Screw Fit
£29.95 - ES27
400 watt bulb for UV Cannon or floodlight
400 Watt UV Spotlight / Floodlight
£24.95 - ES40
Eddison screwfit UV Bulb
75 Watt Colour Filter Bulb - decorative use
£1.95 - Bayonet or ES27
Eddison screwfit UV Bulb
75 Watt Glowing Skull Decorative Bulb
£5.95 - ES27

small decorative UV Candle bulb
40 Watt E14 Blacklight Effect Candle bulb
£4.95 - ES14

price dropFantastic power GU-10 UV Bulb
Screwfit UV Spot Light with E10/E27 fitting
£7.95 - 3 watt
Fantastic power GU-10 UV Bulb
UV LED GU10 Spot Light
£14.95 - 110 to 240v
Fantastic power GU-10 UV Bulb
LED MR16 Spot Light 3W
£14.95 - 12v
Blacklight Blue Fluorescent Tube 18 inch, 45cm
18 inch/ 45cm UV Tube
£7.95 - 45cm
Blacklight Blue Fluorescent Tube 2 foot, 60cm
2 foot / 60cm UV tube GE
£9.95 - 60cm
Blacklight Blue Fluorescent Tube 4 foot, 120cm
3 foot / 90cm UV tube
£15.95 - 120cm
Eddison screwfit UV Bulb
ES27 to Bayonet fit convertor / adaptor
£5.95 - n/a
Blacklight Blue Fluorescent Tube 4 foot, 120cm
4 foot / 120cm UV tube
£16.95 - 120cm
Multicoloured Rotating Light
Multicoloured Rotating Party Light
£7.95 - E27 Screw Fit
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