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A range of party products and effects and some other stuff that we just didn't know where to put!!! See below for our cool UV Barware with shot glasses, straws, twizzle sticks and more. For something a little different why not check out our UV confetti. Perfect for brightening up floor spaces or dropping on guests at that special moment. Just click on any photo for lots more info, images and video..

PS. Dont forget our new bespoke range of products such as our Ultra Violet T-Shirts. We can print any design idea in super neon colours and we now also offer bespoke design UV Posters for your event!


Disposable Neon Cups - Pack of 50 x 269ml
£9.95 - set of 50

Dishwasher safe Re-usable 50ml shot glasses - Pack of 4
£2.95 - Per set of 4

Dishwasher safe UV Pint Glasses
£4.45 - set of 4

Neon UV Plates
Disposable Neon Plates- Pack of 20 x 9 inch diameter
£9.95 - set of 20 in 4 neon colours

Neon UV Cutlery Knives Forks and Spoons
Disposable Neon Cutlery
£2.95 - set of 48 mix of Knives, Forks and Spoons
Neon UV Cutlery Knives Forks and Spoons
Disposable Neon Bowls
£5.95 - set of 20 mixed neon bowls

Disposable Neon Glasses
£7.95 - Pack of 10 Glasses

Neon UV Cutlery Knives Forks and Spoons
Neon Pitcher Jug
£7.95 - 2 litres!
Neon UV Cutlery Knives Forks and Spoons
Neon Salad / Sweets / Punch Bowl

UV Champagne Flutes
£6.95 - Pack of 10 Pink

UV Drinks Stirrer / Twizzle Sticks
£3.45 - Pack of 25 mixed colours

UV Drinking Straws
£2.95 - Pack of 225 mixed colours
glow plastic drinks coasters
UV Drinks Coasters Pack OF 6
£5.95 - 8cm diameter
Neon Cocktail Picks
UV Neon "Sword Style" Cocktail Picks
£3.95 - Pack of 100
Ultra Violet Drinks Glass Holder
Ultra Violet Glass Holder
£6.95 - 32cm diameter
Economy bubble machine for UV Bubbles
Basic Bubble Machine complete 220v
£34.95 - 25 X 20 X 18cm

Pro Bubble Machine complete 220v
£69.95 - 32 X 20 X 18cm

Glow Silly String
£1.95 - Spray Can

Standard Bubble Solution (non UV)
£19.95 - 5 litre
Yellow UV Bubble Solution
UV Bubble Solution Blue & Yellow
£24.95 - 5 litre bottle
Economy bubble machine for UV Bubbles
UV Foam Party Concentrate
£9.95 - 1 litre bottle
UV Reactive Silly String Cans - 6 colours
£2.45 - 200ml

UV Crepe Paper
£7.95 - 6 colours per pack
price drop
UV Colour Confetti
£14.95 - Per kilo

UV Reactive Flash Notes
£2.95 - Per bag of 50 notes
Ultra Violet Paper
UV reactive Paper on a Roll
£9.95 - 10 metres long by 76cm wide


black light paper A4
UV Reactive Paper A4
£6.95 - A4 x 100 sheets

Glowsticks - 25 sticks mixed or single colours
£12.95 for 25

Glow Bracelets - Pack of 100
wrist size!

Glow Necklaces - Pack of 50
£19.95 neck size!

UV Smiley Bouncy Balls
£2.95 - Pack of 10 - 35mm diameter

UV Smiley Bouncy Balls
£0.75 - 50mm diameter

Neon Ball 20cm

£2.95 - Ideal for Didgeball, football, Party games etc

UV 3d Glasses

£2.95 - Pair

Glow in the Dark Condoms

£0.99 - Pack of 3 Condoms

Spooky Specs

£1.95 - Three Styles Skulls, Bats, Pumpkins


UV Foam Hands for club and party
Bespoke £P.O.A. - please ask us
UV T-shirt
UV Print T-Shirt Service
Custom Printed for you - please ask us

UV Gear Poster Print Service
Bespoke £P.O.A. - please ask us
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