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UV Security Products

We stock a massive range of ultra violet detection products for thief entrapment, security marking, property marking and much more. All our products are manufactured using the best quality invisible UV pigments and suitable for a range of applications.

If your not sure what is best to use for your security predicament, just ask as we have a large amount of knowledge we are happy to share.

For any advice please call our freindly team on 01737 233 890 or simply email 01737 233 890

Re-addmission inks, skin pens, stamps and accessories - for custom design stamps, please contact us here

Small Invisible UV Security Readmission Inks
£8.95 - 50ml
UV Bodypaint Pen
Invisible UV Security Skin Marker Pen
£3.95 - Marker Pen

Ink Pad
£4.95 - 120 x 80mm

Large Invisible UV Security Readmission Inks
£39.95 - 250ml
UV Bodypaint Pen
Invisible UV Security Skin Marker Pen 'Set of 4'
£13.95 - Set of 4 pens

Ink Stamp (UV Gear brand)
£9.95 - 20 x 20mm

Invisible UV Product Marking Range

Value Pack UV Security Marking Kit
9.95 - Kit NEW LOW PRICE

Thick Nib UV Marker Pen
£3.95 - Single

Standard UV Marker Pens
£1.45 - 125mm

Business UV Security Marking Kit
24.95 - Kit

SAVE 50% - WAS £9.95 NOW £4.95

UV Security Marking Ink -PINK RED
19.95 - 50ml bottle

UV Paper Marking Ink - Blue
13.95 - 250ml bottle

Refillable Marker Pen
£3.85 - 15ml

UV Permanent Invisible Ink -Blue
21.95 - 50ml bottle

UV Glow and Marking Tapes

Afterglow Effect Cloth Adhesive Tape
£15.95 - 20mm wide x 10m
UV Reative Cloth Adhesive Tape
£7.95 - 25mm wide x 25m
UV Lights for Security

UV Money checker
UV Desktop Counterfeit Money Detector

£14.95 - 15cm

UV Money checker
UV Keychain Torch - True 375nm

£1.75 - 3cm

Hi Power 390NM UV Torch
UV Best Value Torch - 385nm

£11.95 - 10cm x 3cm Batteries included

uv 4 watt battery powered pocket light

Portable UV Battery Pack 6 inch

£5.95 - 150mm

UV Money checker
PACK OF 10 UV Keychain Torch - True 375nm

£15.75 - 3cm

Ultra Violet POCKET Torch

Ultra Violet POCKET Torch 395 nanometre - Batteries NOT included

£5.95 - 9cm x 2.5cm

UV Security Tracers and Compounds

UV Pocket Atomizer - Property Marking
£9.95 - 30ml

UV Pocket Atomizer - Paper / Card
£9.95 - 30ml

UV Pocket Atomizer - Skin
£7.95 - 30ml

Thief Entrapment Cream
11.95 - 8ml tub

Thief Trapper - Invisible UV Grease
£10.95 - 20ml jar

Thief Detector Powder
£9.95 - 20 gram jar
UV Security Accessories

Forensic Dusting Brush
- Single

UV Protective Glasses
9.95 - Pair

Latex Gloves
2.49 - Pack of 10 pairs
Please also refer to our UV Detective page for other covert identification systems

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