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Health and Safety

All of the products sold on this website are deemed safe for commercial use. However we recommend that all buyers and users exercise common sense and caution as follows:

While "black lights" do produce light in the UV range, their spectrum is confined to the longwave UVA region. UVA is considered the safest of the three spectra of UV light. It is the higher energy (shortwave) light in the UVB and UVC range that is responsible for the DNA damage that leads to skin cancer. UVA light is much lower in energy and does not cause sunburn. Long-term exposure to sunlight UVA is capable of causing damage to collagen fibers, so it does have the potential to accelerate skin aging and cause wrinkles. 

Exposure to Lighting
The type of Ultra Violet light referred to within this website is termed UVA Blacklight or woods light. It represents light wavelength in the region of 360-420 nanometres. The term UV is a widespread term for all electromagnetic light frequency of between 100 and 400 nanometres. Lower waves of below 300nm are used in tanning salons and germicidal equipment. UVA is the safest form of UV light but prolonged exposure should not be encouraged.

Skin and Makeup Products
Our products are made using inks and pigments which have been used on the skin for at least 10 years with no known problems.
We have no knowledge of any documented evidence of any adverse reaction from using this ink on the skin.
However, this product is not designed to be used as a cosmetic. It is not a sterile product and as a result the following precautions should be followed.
· Do not use too close to eyes, on mucus membranes or on sore or broken skin.
· If ink comes into contact with eyes, flush with water and seek medical attention if the irritation continues
· Remove with recognised skin cleaner
· Do not leave on skin for prolonged periods, and in no circumstances a period more than 12 hours
· Test product on a patch of skin 24 hours before use
· Stop use if irritation develops
· This product is not sterile
· Replace cap or reseal when not in use
· This product should be used with adult supervision and is not intended for use on children.

These products contain no known irritants but you should bear in mind that all people have different skin types and skin sensitivity. Before using any makeup product, we recommend you test a small area of the skin (for example, the back of the hand) to identify for reaction. In very rare and extreme cases (less than 1 in 5,000) a user may develop a rash or itching in response to application. In this instance, wash with regular soap and do not continue with use.

Pigment and Dye
In some of our products, for example our UV bubble concentrate, the pigment contained within the solution will stain upholstery and clothing. In most cases, these stains will wash and brush out over time however it is clearly stated that UV Gear will not be held liable for any claims made against the company for stain damage. All products liable to staining are purchased and used entirely at the purchaser's own risk.

Products that will stain include:
· UV Bubble Concentrate – all colours
· UV Stamp Ink – all colours
· UV Invisible paints – all colours
· UV Makeup

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